About us.

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It is important to us that you know who you are dealing with. Learn more about us, our philosophy and values here.


During our studies, we founded TEQLY. In spring 2020, the three of us started the TEQLY adventure in a classroom at the FHNW. The beginning was difficult, we had to convince customers of our merits without having any references. And all of this during the biggest crisis that we experienced first-hand. The pandemic also presented us with great internal challenges. For a long time, we were only able to exchange information virtually, and it was difficult to compensate for the common exchange. Despite all the adversity, we were able to win the trust of the first customers. The first orders trickled into our books. So in autumn 2020, barely six months after our foundation, we were able to move into our first own office. After the difficult start, we were able to grow continuously and expanded with a warehouse in 2021 to offer our customers an even more comprehensive service. In spring 2022 we underwent a major update: new logo, new website, new blog and new services.

In the past years we have learned an incredible amount and have grown, together with our clients. We would like to thank all our clients, partners and friends for the past and future cooperation!


It is important to us that our customers and partners know what we stand for and what makes us special. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to values that we believe in and live by.


With us, problems are addressed and not swept under the carpet. We maintain an open and honest relationship with our clients and partners. Whether in the context of contract negotiations or during project meetings - we always represent our opinion. Internally, we disclose data and documents so that everyone has an overview, and we can discuss, argue and decide together.


Every development is a process and for us it is never rigid. We implement our projects in Scrum or other agile methods. On the one hand, this creates a first-class working environment for design and development, and on the other hand, it ensures that we develop high-quality web and mobile applications that delight our customers and users. In case of uncertainty, we introduce customers and partners to agile methods and convince them of our way of working.


With us, everyone is the boss. We don't believe in rigid hierarchies, decisions are not made in the boss's office, but always taking into account the opinions of everyone in the team. There is always absolute freedom of opinion. Everyone should say what they think, even if that sometimes hurts. We discuss, argue, weigh and in most cases find a consensus. Our decisions are more sustainable because they are supported by the collective.


The three founders Jannik, Sandro and Andreas (from left to right) met at the vocational school at the BSA. After successfully graduating from the BSA, they started studying computer science together at the FHNW in Brugg. Jannik and Sandro were lateral entrants into computer science. Both completed apprenticeships in mechanical engineering and learned the IT trade from scratch at the university. Andreas, on the other hand, has remained true to computer science since his apprenticeship. He completed an apprenticeship as a computer scientist and thus brought valuable experience to the team. In the meantime, Andreas is responsible for managing support, Jannik for development projects and Sandro for consulting.

Picture of the three founders Jannik, Sandro and Andreas.


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